Week 4 & 5: Roadtrip to Buffalo, NY

Unbelievable! I’m now already over a month here in the US and that means the half of my time in Ashland is already over.

During the last weeks I explored more of the region around Richmond and Ashland. Here are some impressions for you.






Together with Johannes I visited one of the oldest cities of the USA. Williamsburg was one of the first settlements after the discovery of America by Christoph Kolumbus.





Last weekend Johannes and I start our way towards the northern boarder of the US. We head to Buffalo, New York at the boarder to Canada. An almost nine hours long ride is ahaed us. But it will be worth it. We are looking forward not only to the incredible Niagara Falls but also to a top NHL game between the Buffalo Sabres and the New York Rangers.


























Buffalo was awesome! The Niagara Falls were amazing, the bars and restaurants were great and the best of all: The Sabres suprisingly won in a very good ice hockey game agains the New York Rangers. Let’s go, Buffalo!

Just back from our Roadtrip we aready are looking forward to our next trip. Tomorrow we will head towards New York City. We still don’t know what is awaiting us there. I will let you know what we experienced there, that’s for sure. See you soon!

Week 2 & 3: Richmond, Ashland & Washington D. C.

A lot of things were going on the last two weeks. Hurricane Florence missed us just bare but some serious tornados hit the region here anyway. Nevertheless, I had two awesome weeks here in the US.

While running I explored the area around Richmond and the James River. I could see some beautiful landscape and cool city districts!

Together with Jeff, his wife Beth and their friends I have my first typical american sunday, watching football, playing basketball, drinking beer and eating Chicken Wings at Buffalo Wild Wings. That’s so cool!

After another exciting week at work I use the good weather and explore the town of Ashland. Most of the city is dominated by buildings of the Randolph–Macon College. It is really beautiful out here.

On saturday Johannes, Christian, Alex and I head up to the capital. Washington D. C. is only a one-and-a-half drive away so it’s definitly worth a visit. A lot of great memories about my first visit to the USA already 5 years ago come in my mind.

Great two weeks are already behind me again. I’m almost a month here now and there is so much more to do. A road trip to Buffalo and a weekend trip to New York are already planned. See you the next time! Best wishes from Ashland!

Week 1: Ashland & Richmond

Best wishes from Ashland! My first week in the US is almost over. I already started working here and I could also get some first impressions of Richmond and the area around.

My first days at work were fantastic. All the colleagues are very friendly and helpful, especially my mentor Jeff. We already started some very interesting projects. Looking forward for more.


On mid-week Johannes shows me around Richmond. On the way to my first real american burger in Carytown, we suddenly see a well known vehicle from home.

After an exciting first week at work Johannes and me start into the weekend. At first friday (the first friday each month) Richmond is on fire. We decide to visit the VMFA, the Virigina Museum of Fine Arts.







After a good dosis of culture we take a trip to one of the many craft breweries here in Richmond.




Saturday morning we take a ride to the farmer’s market of Richmond. According to Johannes there you get the best doughnuts in town. I must admit, they are very good!




After maybe a little bit too many doughnuts were are on the way to the Richmond cemetery. A great view to the city and the James river is awaiting us. The cemetery is even that big that it is necessary to visit the graves by car.






On the way home we stop at the shopping mal of Short Pump. A hunting department with a wide range of guns and rifles is a must-have for the big sports store there.


The night we spend together with Claudia and Norbert eating some barbecue and drinking some delicious Gin Tonics.

On Sunday I’m finally able to unpack my running shoes and go for a run through the neighborhood.



That was it, my first week here full of great new experiences. I wish you all a fantastic monday! See you next week!

Hey America

Just arrived! After eight months of preparation, uncertainty and a thrill of anticipation I’m on the flight to Richmond. On the 1st September, after 17 hours of flying and waiting I’m finally there. America, what a feeling!


I can stay at Ed’s place. He and Johannes, who is also living with us, pick me up from the airport and together we get to Ed’s house in Ashland. Exhausted from flying so long I look forward to a nice and warm bed.



I wake up fit and motivated for the upcoming time on sunday. As it is labour day weekend Johannes and Claudia decided to go to Virginia Beach and take me with them. It has over 30°C, perfect weather to go take a bath in the Atlantic Ocean. Not only the sea but also the American Music Festival is awaiting us.








After a very exciting first weekend in the states and a 12 oz steak we come back to Ashland. Exhausted and anxious about my first day at work I fall asleep instantly.