That’s me

Ambitious, persistent, honest and always looking for new challenges and opportunities to envolve professionally and personally.

That’s me, Jonas.

The Optimist

I’m not a stay-at-home. No matter how challenging or peculiar a situation is, you’ll always see me smiling and tackling it with positivity. I live upon the saying you get at least as much as you give.

The Visionary

No growth without goals. And my goals are not modest. Modesty doesn’t help if you want to progress in life. It is rather courage and ambition that makes progress happen. And that is my final goal – progress.

The Team leader

I don’t fear taking on responsibility – whether it is at school or university where I’ve always had a say. So far, I haven’t got the chance to hold a leading position in my work life but it’s on my bucket list!

The Marathon Runner

It is not only my endurance but also my ability to focus and complete tasks why my friends and family call me persistent. Some people may call it unreachable perfectionism, but I’d rather describe it as not being satisfied with the simplest and quickest solution.