Week 2 & 3: Richmond, Ashland & Washington D. C.

A lot of things were going on the last two weeks. Hurricane Florence missed us just bare but some serious tornados hit the region here anyway. Nevertheless, I had two awesome weeks here in the US.

While running I explored the area around Richmond and the James River. I could see some beautiful landscape and cool city districts!

Together with Jeff, his wife Beth and their friends I have my first typical american sunday, watching football, playing basketball, drinking beer and eating Chicken Wings at Buffalo Wild Wings. That’s so cool!

After another exciting week at work I use the good weather and explore the town of Ashland. Most of the city is dominated by buildings of the Randolph–Macon College. It is really beautiful out here.

On saturday Johannes, Christian, Alex and I head up to the capital. Washington D. C. is only a one-and-a-half drive away so it’s definitly worth a visit. A lot of great memories about my first visit to the USA already 5 years ago come in my mind.

Great two weeks are already behind me again. I’m almost a month here now and there is so much more to do. A road trip to Buffalo and a weekend trip to New York are already planned. See you the next time! Best wishes from Ashland!